Going Green in Bethesda

Organizations and events that promote energy efficiency and green living practices.

November 14, 2011

The Sights and Sounds of the Capital Crescent Trail

Ting! goes the bell as the biker passes by and announces, “On your left.”  Thump, thump, thump, thump as the runner jogs past on the other side of the trail.  Shhhhhh…the wind whispers through the trees as the dry fall leaves rustle and float down to alight upon the path.  Crunch! I step on a dry brown leaf that crumbles underfoot. As I round the soft bend approaching Mile Marker […]
March 8, 2011

Day 67: 'The Real Thing' – Honest Tea!

Barry Nalebuff and Seth Goldman co-founded Honest Tea in Bethesda in early 1998.  Barry, an MBA professor at the Yale School of Management, and Seth Goldman, one of Barry’s students, had worked on a case study on the beverage industry when Seth was earning his MBA degree. The two recognized that there was a missing market segment in the beverage industry between water and super sugary soft drinks.  Fast forward […]