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Bethesda at Night

Bethesda at Night

Our town, Bethesda, is a dynamic community. Its residents are culturally diverse, entrepreneurial, well-educated, well-traveled, interested in the environment, promoters of the arts and people who relish good food and drinks!  In fact, Bethesda is known throughout the DC area for its abundance of restaurants, approximately 180 of them, featuring cuisines from around the world.
Brian and Amy Maury created Bethesda365.com to feature some of the things they love most about the town and to help those who relocate to the area, or who already live here, to become better acquainted with Bethesda.  In addition to the blog posts, they have included links to important local information such as schools, transportation, community calendars and other resources.  They would enjoy hearing your comments and suggestions.


Bethesda Urban Partnership.  The Bethesda Urban Partnership (BUP) manages Downtown Bethesda.  It is a non-profit organization established by Montgomery County in 1994. Bethesda Urban Partnership handles landscaping and maintenance as well as promotion of the downtown area through innovative marketing campaigns and the organization of large-scale events.
Bethesda Chamber of Commerce.  The Greater Bethesda-Chevy Chase Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1926. The organization includes over 600 businesses located throughout the Bethesda-Chevy Chase area and beyond. Member businesses are a part of an organization that provides networking opportunities, business leads and referrals, proactive leadership on legislative and economic development issues, and an improved business climate, all for the betterment of the community as a whole.


Bethesda is known for many things but among them is that its schools are excellent.  Visit the Schools Page for a comprehensive list of the area public schools, including contact information and links to each school’s website, among other great school information!

Entertainment Around Bethesda

Looking for fun and things to enjoy around town?  Scroll through the blog categories on the right (by subject) and also consider visiting the Entertainment page for links to resources for the arts, local events and community calendars.

Utility Providers and Property Tax Information

Visit utility company information and local property tax links.

Bethesda Real Estate

Visit the Bethesda Real Estate page or search at your right for homes in the Bethesda area.  Contact Brian and Amy for assistance or questions.

Bethesda Metro at Night

Bethesda Metro at Night

Transportation in and around Bethesda

Visit the Transportation Page for details and information on Metro Rail and bus service, the FREE Bethesda Circulator, bus services to/from New York DIRECT and regional airports.


Drivers Licenses – State of Maryland – To request a change of address card, a corrected driver’s license or ID card, please complete the transaction online here or by MVA kiosk.
Maryland Vehicle Registration – As a new resident of Maryland you must register your vehicle within 60 days of moving to Maryland. If you delay beyond 60 days, you will not be eligible for a tax credit for any titling tax paid in another state, and you may be subject to a citation for an out of state registration.
Montgomery County Pet Licensing and Adoptions  – All dogs and cats 4 months of age or older must have a current rabies vaccination and a County pet license. A pet license is required even if the dog or cat is always on the owner’s property, is always indoors, or lives on a farm.  The rabies tag provided by your veterinarian is NOT a County license — the license must be purchased separately.