How to Improve Your Home Office

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June 18, 2021
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June 26, 2021
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  • It is important to create a dedicated space for work. If it cannot be a room, dedicate a part of a room to work. Add a desk to a room to create a specific workspace rather than using a dining room or kitchen table. A nook or vestibule space can be repurposed into a perfect place for a small office.
  • Paint colors shape the vibe of your workspace. Particular colors reinforce and inspire focus, concentration, and energy. Color psychology studies the effect of colors on human behavior. It shows us that there are three main colors that improve concentration and productivity: blue, orange, and green. Consider painting your office one of these colors or decorating with one of these colors. Here is an interesting article to learn more about color psychology:
  • Adding plants to your workspace can help improve performance and reduce stress. Having plants in office spaces is shown to reduce stress by 30-60% and improve creativity. Plants also improve the air quality in your office. Consider succulents and other small plants such as Peace Lilies or Aloe Vera as great starters!

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