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Navigating the home sale process can be daunting.  It is hard work to pack and move your family.  When you add the experience of a home sale to the move, it can add a great deal of stress to the situation.
Hiring a real estate area expert to assist you with your sale is the best way to minimize your stress while maximizing the return on your efforts.  But don’t wait until you feel you are “ready to sell” to contact a real estate professional.  The best time to contact an agent is at the point you first decide to sell so that your preparation is appropriate to maximize your return and your expectations of value are in line with the market from the start.

Here are the top 3 tips for home sellers in any market to get the most from your home sale experience:

#1: Price your home correctly for the current market.  

The best way to understand the “correct price” is to speak with a real estate professional.  However, make sure you call an area specialist who truly knows your neighborhood.
If you overprice your property, the sale will stall, the home may languish on the market and you may end up getting LESS than the home could have sold for if priced correctly.  The first two weeks of your sale are the most important marketing period with the highest level of buyer interest and the greatest possibility for a full-priced sale – or perhaps even more.  Sellers sometimes worry about leaving money on the table by underpricing the home – or they assume that if priced a little high there will be room to negotiate.  Unfortunately, that is not how things typically play out.
First, you have to GET an offer in order to have something to negotiate.  Buyers are reluctant in the first couple of weeks to offer much less than the asking price and, if the home is overpriced, it usually sits without any offers.  After a few weeks or a month, buyers may wonder what’s wrong with the home.  They may talk themselves out of having an interest in it or they may make an offer, but it’s usually an offer that is far more discounted than it would have been in the first couple of weeks when they may have experienced a fear of loss to another potential buyer.


Brian & Amy Maury offer a free comparative market analysis, no strings attached for any seller.  They specialize in Bethesda, Chevy Chase and Northwest DC areas.  Contact Brian and Amy to schedule your free consultation.

#2: Consult with a home stager or professional designer to make your home show its best.  

The way we live in our homes on a day-to-day basis is not the way we should display our homes when they are on the market for sale.  It is important to offer the “fantasy” of a clean, clutter-fee environment to a buyer.  Additionally, your personal photos, mementos, collectibles, etc. distract a buyer from seeing the home.  Instead, they see your stuff and cannot bond with the house. The buying process is an emotional one.  It’s time to pack early and let your home become more of a blank slate on which someone else will imagine living their life.
Home staging is important whether you will live in your home while it’s on the market or whether your home will be vacant.  If you plan to stay on the home, the stager will help you select what items to keep versus what to pack early, how to best arrange your furniture, whether to paint, remove drapes, or other simple changes to help the home show its best.  If your home will be vacant, hiring a stager to bring some basic pieces of furniture will help your photography show the home in its best light for Internet advertising – the single most important marketing tool in your arsenal.


Brian and Amy Maury offer a complimentary professional staging consultation to every seller to assist with the process of deciding what to pack early and how to best prepare the home for the market sale.  Sellers have found this consultation invaluable!

#3: Obtain professional photography for your home for Internet advertising.

Have you ever scrolled through lists of homes for sale and observed homes that have pictures of dark rooms, open toilets, cluttered closets, clothes strewn across a bed and/or other strange views? Other than incorrect pricing, the single biggest mistake a seller can make is poor photography.
In today’s world of Internet marketing, you can do everything else correctly, but if your photos are poor, you may not sell your home for its maximum value.  Why?  Because prospective buyers may rule out your home without ever actually visiting it in person.  Lower demand then decreases value.  It is imperative to have professional photography with proper lighting and complimentary views of the home exterior and interior in order to maximize your prospective buyer pool.
Additionally, work with an agent who goes the extra mile ensuring that those photos are accessible, well-placed and available on the most important real estate websites used by buyers on-line.  Professional photography is a critical tool to draw buyers out to the home for a personal visit.


Brian and Amy Maury utilize professional photos coupled with an interactive floorplan for each home sale.  These tools have resulted not only in excellent buyer response to their home sales and high turn out for open houses, but also buyers have even purchased homes from abroad, sight-unseen, because the photos and floor-plan tour have provided ample information to make their home buying decision! Click here to see a sample a home sale tour.
If you are thinking of selling your home, call a local real estate expert now.  Expert pricing advice, proper home preparation, staging and professional photography are critical steps to maximize the value of your home.

Please contact Brian and Amy Maury for your no obligation, free consultation.

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