Day 94: The Pines of Rome in Bethesda

Day 85: Cherry Jubilee in DC and Bethesda
March 27, 2011
Day 97: Blue Mercury – The Oracle of Beauty
April 8, 2011

The Pines of Rome

“Where can we go for some good pizza in Bethesda?” the young couple asked their handsome real estate agent (that’s me) after a long afternoon looking for houses.  What immediately came to mind was The Pines of Rome, located at 4709 Hampden Lane.  The Pines of Rome is named after a trio of symphonic poems written by the Italian violinist turned composer Ottorino Respighi.  Each symphony depicts the pine trees in Rome at different times of day.  Our Pines of Rome is best enjoyed at lunch and dinner.
I recommended our clients try the classic pepperoni pizza.  Now this is real Italian pizza with oils dripping off the pizza so be sure to have plenty of napkins on hand.  Many rave that the pizza here (try the white pizza for a real treat) is the best they have ever had in their lives –and this includes some N.Y. City residents!

Pepperoni Pizza

There’s much more than pizza here as anyone who has tried the clams with linguine, egg-plant parmesan, and shrimp with butter and garlic will attest.  While the prices have been raised recently Pines of Rome remains an inexpensive bargain by comparison to most Bethesda restaurants and yet very tasty.  The staff is non-emotional and appear detached preferring the food to do the talking for the establishment.  The decor inside has not changed since I first visited the restaurant nearly 30 years ago and is just one notch above Draconian.  Relax and take the kids as their allowance could probably cover any damage caused to the fixtures.  Just kidding really.  Nothing fancy here but your tongue won’t know the difference. ~Brian