Day 32: Mall Monkey Business

Day 33: Heavenly Rights
February 2, 2011

The NEW Westfield Montgomery Mall

The NEW Westfield Montgomery Mall

I can’t help it.  I like going to the mall.  I still call it Montgomery Mall and I know the owners want me to call it Westfield Montgomery. Branding Schmanding.  Montgomery Mall is located at 7101 Democracy Boulevard just off Interstate 270 and Democracy.  My favorite place to park is just outside the second level of Nordstrom (you have to weave your way through the garage to get there).  My partner Amy moved here from Seattle and likes to correct me when I say Nordstroms (there’s no S apparently…who knew?)  I always get a covered parking space two or three spaces from the walkway into the Men’s department which is pretty sweet.  They also have the cleanest bathrooms in the mall.  With two small boys in tow this can be critical information.
I like to take my sons to the mall for some fun.  We start with Chick-Fil-A in the eatery.  Did you know they invented the chicken sandwich? After chowing down some tasty waffle fries and delicious milkshakes topped with whipped cream we head for the play pit (a.k.a. germ pit) down near the entrance to Sears.  The kids love to run from the eatery down the long gleaming hallways and scare the living hell out of me with their shenangans on the escalators.  Why do all children want to walk up the down escalator? Once we get to the play pit they manage to run around at lighting speed, somehow narrowly missing other children traveling in near perfect ‘death-orbit.’  After the play pit we sometimes drop some serious change on the kiddie rides nearby.  I then load them into the double-decker Smarte Cartes they have there and we head off for the rest of the mall (don’t ask how much these carts are!).  We deftly avoid the Stepford wife-like Dead Sea salt lotion sales lady and make our way to the elevator.  No matter how many times I tell my seven year-old to wait for people to get off the elevator first he practically bowls over hapless passengers trying to get off the elevator cab.  The kids like the ride to the second floor.  Did I say I like going to the mall? We get off and make a bee-line for the Apple Store (more on that in a future blog on February 10).  The boys make themselves at home on an iMac while playing the Lego Batman game and I admire the latest gadgets from Apple.  Depending on the mood we may try to find the dude who tries to sell toys from one of the many Kiosks while flying a remote-controlled helicopter.

Nordstrom Piano

Then we head down to Nordstrom.    We hang-out there listening to one of the skilled piano players or checking out the really cool fish tank in the children’s shoe department.  Have you ever eaten in Nordstrom Marketplace Cafe? The food and service in the Cafe is really good.  My favorite is the Tuscan Salmon.  Whatever you do shield your eyes from the desserts….omg!
There are over 190 stores at Montgomery Mall so if you are headed there to really buy something (vs. keeping your hyperactive kids busy for a couple of hours) it’s hard not to find it.  My last purchase at the mall was from Shenk and Tittle Sporting Goods, a really nice and well stocked sporting goods store.  I purchased a Troy Polamalu official NFL jersey for Amy who is a die-hard Steelers fan.  She’ll be wearing her jersey on Sunday when the Steelers take on the Packers in the Superbowl.  Thanks Montgomery Mall. ~Brian