2021 Emerging Design Trends

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June 26, 2021
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Many people spent the majority of the year in their home and, as a result, came to appreciate the positive and negative aspects of living there. Some homeowners decided it was time to move while others decided to begin renovation or redecorating projects. The year 2020 offered not only design trends, but it set the stage for many new design concepts that we will continue to see in the future. Here are a few influences that are evident in 2021.
Pattern tile was very popular in 2020 and is carrying strong through 2021 so it seems to be here to stay. Pattern tile is often used in bathrooms and laundry rooms and looks great while adding character and an element of uniqueness to a space. The one drawback to pattern tile is that since it is a bold and permanent choice, it may feel very dated at some time in the future.
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Biophilic design is a style that is gaining attention in 2021. The intention of Biophilic design is to create a connection between home and the positive attributes of nature as well as invoke a feeling of comfort. Creating a Biophilic home can be done in many ways. One of these ways is to incorporate it into the construction of the home by creating extra natural light as well as the use of organic materials such as stone and wood. Other methods include decorating with natural furnishings and incorporating plants into your home. Here is the link to an interesting Vogue article on Biophilic design: https://www.vogue.com/article/biophilic-design-nature-based-interiors-wellness-trend
Japandi is another design concept rising in popularity in 2021. Japandi combines the best elements of Scandanavian and Japanese design. Japandi can be described as a form of minimalism highlighting natural wood and bright open spaces. Japandi design generally incorporates warm and relaxed neutral tones to create a peaceful atmosphere.

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Textured Walls can take many forms from plaster, wall coverings, and wallpaper. Other forms of textured walls utilize organic materials such as wood, marble, and faux grass. Textured walls compliment the organic, natural trends emerging in 2021.